Quixey Named a Bay Area Top 100 Workplace

In the early days of Quixey, we knew we wanted to build more than just a great product. We wanted to build a community we wanted to be around every day. That core desire has embedded itself in the team as we grow towards a milestone of 150 Quixiers worldwide.

From Quixey’s early days in Palo Alto, our CEO, Tomer Kagan, knew culture and experience was a priority. His passion to create a great workplace is embedded in our DNA. This is a place where we push ourselves to work on truly ambitious projects while working as part of a team of phenomenally talented individuals. To capture this culture, we asked a handful of Quixiers — veterans and newcomers, those early in their careers, and executives — to share and reflect on their experiences.

In the early days, we said we only want to hire “rant worthy people.” People you couldn’t help but kvell about — saying how awesome and excited you were to have them on the team. As the company grows towards 150 people worldwide, this remains true. Regardless of where someone is in their career, Quixey encourages them to do the best work they have ever done. The opportunities for growth and development propel people to do their best work while learning from a rant-worthy bunch of people.

Thank you to everyone in the Quixey community — employees, advisors, investors and friends — for contributing towards a great experience. Here’s what others have to say about our growing family:

“I came to Quixey because I saw a company that could make a big splash in the world. The sheer magnitude of Quixey’s vision is one that amazed me the day I started. Two and a half years later, it still amazes me.”

-Jeff Fan, Head of Design and Creative Services

“When I just saw the email subject line “Quixey is a Top 100 Workplace!” in the email message, I thought ‘Quixey actually IS a top 100 workplace to me, unlike a lot of the ones that are named simply because they have some nice perk or kooky offices.’ Our CEO Tomer both strongly leads and really cares about all of us. We have 3-day camping trips with the whole company two times a year, which is a great way to get to know everyone. We have an open, collaborative environment within the engineering group, and a real sense of community throughout the company. Quixey is a diverse group of smart, cool people working together toward an ambitious and important goal.”

-Shawn Purcell, Principal Engineer

“Great company culture comes from great people sharing a common purpose and making all that hard work fun and worth everyone’s time. Although I spend most of my time far away from the Quixey HQ, it’s evident that the Quixey culture is not tied to just that location but is embedded in the very DNA of the great vision we all share and are setting out to make happen. That kind of passion is hard to find.”

-Oskar Serrander, Director of Sales, Eastern Region

“Quixey for me is a Top Workplace because it combines the best of all worlds: young, dynamic, fast growing startup, a really cool product, technological challenges and on top of all that: great atmosphere with an amazing team. Quixey is a workplace that truly knows how to balance challenging and exciting work with pure fun. For me working at Quixey is a dream come true, and I love working at such a great company with an amazing team.”

-Mor Schlesinger, VP of Engineering, Israel

“I host barbecues for my team and our company-wide camping trips are the stuff of legend. There is a daily Happy Hour because we have some of the best restaurants outside our door. We sing badly together at karaoke and laugh about it the next day. Many of us run, hike, climb, bike, or play sports. Together. All this aside, the teams at Quixey are made up of the brightest people in Silicon Valley and are all motivated to solve very important problems in mobile search technology.”

-Khuong Nguyen, Director of Test Engineering

“Quixey is a Top Workplace because of its vision-centric execution culture. Each employee has a can-do attitude and incredible drive to succeed — very crucial in a company with such a grand vision for the future of search. With our heavy focus on innovation and delighting users, there’s no better place to be every day than Quixey.”

-Guru Gowrappan, COO

“Quixey is a Top Workplace because the we have smart people that make it a joy to come to work everyday. After 3 years at Quixey, I’m still constantly amazed by the quality of talent Quixey attracts. Whether we’re doing a bugfest, hanging out at Quixey camp, or gearing up for a release, we always manage to get the work done and have a blast at the same time.”

-Julia Lipton, Director of Marketing

“Quixiers are truly a family. If you walk the cafeteria during lunch you will find team members from different groups (including our CEO (Tomer) & CSO (Liron)) eating together, chatting, and sharing ideas. The synergy created is amazing! Quixiers are always willing to help, they embrace new team members, and make you feel at home. If you need help all you have to do is ask and someone will lend a helping hand. Your contributions are acknowledged and your voice is heard.”

-Geisell Jayne, Recruiter

“I love working at Quixey because of the Quixey culture. Everyone is very friendly, fun, and always ready to help. You can expect to see a group of Quixiers across many teams out for lunch on Castro or enjoying Happy Hour on any given day. We break barriers together and have fun doing it. I look forward to coming in work every day.”

-Emily Lam, Test Engineering Intern

“Every day I look forward to getting into the office. I love working with talented people in an environment that gives me confidence and job satisfaction.”

-Amanda Nguyen, IP Coordinator 

  • Bob Gerughty

    I can echo the positive comments in this article. I worked on their Corporate taxes last summer, and it’s also a fun place for consultants to work! Quixey does thing right!