Quixey Announces Integrations with Dolphin and appAttach

Quixey Announces Partnership with Dolphin Browser, Giving Over 100 Million Dolphin Users the Ability to Easily Search For and Discover New Apps

Today, we are proud to announce a new partnership with Dolphin Browser, the most popular third-party smartphone browser on the planet. With this new Dolphin Browser integration, Quixey will be available Dolphin’s 100 million users across the globe – giving them an instant and easy way to find and access great apps that they may not have previously known about.

Quixey is delivering its Functional Search™ technology to Dolphin users through a new “Find Apps” option that lets users search for apps through the browser. With Quixey’s app search, Dolphin users can now describe what they want to do in simple terms, and quickly find the apps they really need. Quixey search also dives deep into unstructured data from the web, including reviews, social media and blogs, to deliver the most relevant app search results in a simple interface.

To download Dolphin Browser with the newest Quixey integration, please visit this link.


“Instead of switching over to an app store where they can only search using names and keywords, Dolphin users now have instant access to apps directly from their browser,” said Quixey CEO and co-founder Tomer Kagan.

These partnerships expand Quixey’s growing network, which includes Microsoft, Sprint, Ask.com, and others, while offering another channel for mobile app developers to target potential users through Quixey’s app advertising platform, Sponsored Apps.

“With Dolphin, we’re constantly innovating and searching for new ways to bring the vast offerings of the Internet right to our users,” said Dolphin Head of Global Marketing Edith Yeung. “With the addition of Quixey, we will make it even easier for our users to find great apps, even if they don’t know exactly what they’re looking for.”

Quixey Announces Partnership with appAttach, Offering Its Functional Search™ as a Pre-loaded App to Third-Party Manufacturers

Last week, Quixey officially launched its integration with appAttach, a powerful app distribution and analytics platform which allows PC, tablet, and smartphone providers to make more revenue and improve user experience by preloading apps onto their devices. Now, Quixey’s revolutionary Functional Search™, available on Google Play, can come preloaded onto select Android devices through the appAttach platform.

Functional Search™ is a new type of search that encourages users to find useful apps simply by describing what they want to do — for example, “tune my guitar” or “organize wines.” By preloading Quixey’s app onto their devices through appAttach, manufacturers can greatly improve the user experience on mobile. We live in an age of instant gratification, and Quixey’s unique approach to search caters directly to this need while providing users with a fun way to discover new apps they never knew existed.

To preload the app, appAttach customers simply select Quixey under the “Search and Utilities” category on the appAttach platform. After agreeing to the terms and conditions, the APK is sent to them in a bundle with all other selected pre-loads.

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 9.13.49 AM

This partnership has huge benefits for both Quixey and appAttach. For appAttach, it allows the company to offer another differentiation factor for OEMs to separate themselves from the competition, as well as another potential stream of revenue through Quixey’s Sponsored Apps program. For Quixey, it’s another distribution channel that allows the fast-growing search engine to continue refining its relevance and better understand how users attempt to access the functionality locked within apps.

“Quixey is defining a category of app discovery that makes it possible for users to search for apps based on what they actually do,” James DePoy, CEO of appAttach said in a statement. “We are excited to offer Quixey to our operators and manufacturers as a way to help them create more engaging and profitable app experiences on their PCs, smartphones and tablets.”

Quixey’s ultimate goal is to bring users the functionality they want by surfacing the right content immediately after a user enters any natural language query. The beginning of this partnership with appAttach comes at a time when the focus on mobile has never been greater, and pushes Quixey’s technology to the front of mobile screens as a benefit to users, developers, and manufacturers alike. With so many apps available on Google Play and beyond, there needs to be a way to sort through the clutter. Quixey is doing just that.