Quixey Announces The Evolution of Functional Search™

Our mission at Quixey has always been to help people find apps, and help apps find people. Over the past few years, that mission has remained the same even as the definition of apps has changed and the web has evolved. Today, we’re announcing the next generation of our Functional Search™ technology. As opposed to simply surfacing apps through our consumer app and partner network, we’re now going deeper to surface the function and utility locked inside apps and give users better, richer results.

As our phones are increasingly becoming our primary gateway to the web, apps have signaled the next evolution of the web. The web and the software on it – services like Yelp, Facebook, Open Table, or any other site you use – have become wrapped into apps. It’s all the same information, but we just access it differently.

Unfortunately, mobile devices and the apps on them are a series of walled gardens, making it difficult for users to immediately access information within the little boxes arranged neatly on their home screens. Likewise, developers don’t have a good way to let users discover what’s inside their apps beyond Google, Bing, or other search engines. The problem is that search engines organize that information how they want it, not how developers want it.

Quixey’s Functional Search™ technology solves this problem. “Search as a platform” will let users search for information through their apps, and let developers present their information however they so choose. Put in simple terms, apps search today gets you to the front door of an app. We’re now taking you straight inside and bypassing the act of opening a door altogether, like so:

Spotify copy

Functional Search™ will also work toward opening up search and freeing developers from the master-slave relationship they have with search engines. Currently, if you search for “Thai food” on any of the major search engines, you’ll get answers from third party developers, but they’ll be simple blue links buried below that company’s own answers, which also happen to be a revenue stream. What if those answers the outside developers gave back were actually presented in the way they wanted it to be, not just a simple blue link? Quixey does that, giving developers an open search platform to make that argument for users’ attention.

To that end, we’re also opening a new developer program that will help developers champion this approach to the web and search, and help them build their apps so they’re searchable and indexed. Developers can sign up at developers.quixey.com.

The shift to mobile and the accompanying evolution of the web to fit this new medium is just beginning. With the next generation of Functional Search™, we’re hoping to provide developers a level playing field on which to present the strongest argument for their services to users. Through this open competition, the users will benefit from the best possible results surfaced from deep within apps.

An open web is best for everyone involved, from developers and users to the businesses and services people search for, and we believe an open web will always win. This next Functional Search™ is a big step in that direction.