Modern Love: The Best Apps for Couples

Our mobile-crazed world presents lots of exciting alternatives to the formal Valentine’s dinners endured by generations of lovers. In the past, we’d simper through a lengthy prix fixe menu featuring overcooked scallops washed down with overpriced Prosecco, maintaining meaningful, sustained eye contact with our special someone, only to forget half the courses we ate an hour later. Now, we can find and record new romantic experiences – including meals – using one of the many mobile apps for couples. is a social platform where people obsessed with each other and their relationship can share texts, photos, videos and other incessant flirtations privately, without making their entire network of Twitter and Facebook contacts want to scream. Do we really want to hear how much our pals love their incredibly attractive, generous, and gainfully employed partners? Not really, or at least not all the time – so perhaps the biggest benefit of extends to those who aren’t a part of the relationship and now don’t have to hear about it.


Avocado lets lovebirds get intimate with remote kisses and hugs, as well as more quotidian communications like exchanging last-minute additions to grocery lists. After all, nothing says I love you more than “Don’t forget the toilet paper, honey.” Right? Avocado is not named for a certain kind of body shape, but for the fruit itself, which grows only in pairs – much like users of the app.

Feel Me

It may sound perverted in a “Tommy,” rock opera sort of way, but Feel Me is actually a pretty uplifting app. Designed by Marco Trivero as part of a project at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, the app allows couples to communicate with distinctive sensory features. You’ll see where your paramour is touching his mobile device, and when you tap the same spot on your screen, both of your phones giggle, wiggle and light up crazily. It’s a simple but surprisingly effective new way to connect with a loved one, and could also be fun for families.


Let’s say you want to get a little closer than simultaneously touching your smartphone. Delightful may be just the ticket. This hot-off-the presses dating app (from the data-driven minds at OKCupid) helps couples break out of the rut of the normal Thursday night movie and dinner date. Based on your budget and timeline, Delightful’s staff will build – er, curate – the perfect evening for you and take care of all the details, including coveted restaurant reservations. So far, the app is just for Bay Area couples, and costs $12 per month after a 30-day free trial. HowAboutWe is a more affordable option that also accelerates the dating process by handling the provocation of what to do on the perfect night out. It bills itself as an offline dating site for singles who want to find a special someone, or a unique date finder for couples.


Say you’ve already set up a rendezvous with your lover, but you’re running late, or you’ve already arrived and want to check in on your date’s location. Try Glympse, a popular free app that lets users map and track each other in real time. Share your location with your loved one or keep tabs on your partner’s physical whereabouts. Just don’t come crying to us if you don’t like what you see (or what you reveal).


As a simple girl with zero jealousy or stalking instincts (well, I’m working on it), I prefer the retro exchange of roses over digital maps and vibrating smartphones. Those who agree could do worse than using the new ProFlowers app to send the gift of blossoms to a loved one. Unlike some other flower-delivery apps, this one is easy to use, and sports a zippy, modern look. Think of it as Uber for orchids, and a good Valentine’s app option for the relatively old-fashioned girl (or boy).