The Limitations of Corporate Innovation

Our Director of Product, Phillip Nelson, has a guest post up on VentureBeat this week that outlines the complexity of solving really big problems (like artificial intelligence) and lays out several reasons corporations may not be well suited to solving them:

Building a real intelligent agent which could understand multiple, complex queries — even for the simple task of being a personal assistant — is an enormous undertaking. It requires mapping speech patterns and vocabulary for every applicable language, then writing algorithms that account for hundreds of thousands (or millions) of possible actions or requests… Computing’s really hairy, complex problems of tomorrow won’t be solved in Mountain View, Redmond or Cupertino — at least not at those three companies. Big companies have a responsibility to make products, not solve problems, especially incredibly complex ones.

For more on why Apple may not birth the next World Wide Web, read the original article on VentureBeat.